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SEFSA Umpire Information

Umpire Registration

                                 ATTENTION ALL SEFSA UMPIRES!

Umpire Registration will be held March 27 & April 10 from 10 am-3 pm at Sherman Park Tournament HQ.  Please come and get registered and receive the test that will be completed for you. If you are unable to make it Saturday please reach out to:

Rick 605-360-2591 or Greg 605-310-6049.   Please bring a friend who may be interested in umping. ** Don't forget your banking info & fee will be collected at registration.


Umpire Clinic and Last Chance to get USA Registered

May 8th, 2021


You must attend this final  2021 clinic at Dunham Park in Sioux Falls, SD.

  • Registration will be available for those that need it.
  • Wear your uniform.
  • Bring a chair
  • And by attending this training you will be giving yourself a 2.00 per game increase.

**  If you plan on umpiring this season for SEFSA, you must be USA certified/registered.  

Please print off the direct deposit form below, complete it, attach a  voided check, and bring it along with you to the training session.  SEFSA requires this information so that we can pay via direct deposit the season.  We do not issue paper payroll checks.

If you need to make special arrangements for training/certification, please call Leroy at 605-351-2452, Rick Graff 605-360-2591, or Greg Morgan 605-310-6049.


Direct Deposit Information

The Sioux Empire Fastpitch Softball Association only uses direct deposit for payroll purposes -  we do not issue paper checks.  With this in mind, please complete this form with information for the bank account that you would like your paycheck deposited and hand it in at the March training/USA certification.

Let SEFSA Pay Your Registration Fee!

  • If a current SEFSA umpire refers a friend and the friend attends the certification class, passes the test, and umps his/her scheduled games this season, SEFSA will reimburse the current umpire’s certification fee ($30 for 17 years old and younger, $55 for 18 years old and older).  This will be reimbursed on their last direct deposit of the season.
  • Once the new umpire attends and passes the USA certification class, SEFSA will provide them with an umpire kit that contains a ball bag, plate brush, and ball/strike indicator. 
  • If the new umpire works all their scheduled games through the end of the season, SEFSA will reimburse them their USA certification fees ($30 for 17 years old and younger, $55 for 18 years old and older).  This will be reimbursed on their last direct deposit of the season. 
  • The 2nd year, and older umpires, that work all their scheduled games, will have their name thrown into a drawing for a $150 of online credit to the USA Softball Official Umpire Gear store.

USA Umpire Training

Umpires Training 

Please bring your own chair or bucket to sit on during the lecture portion of this training session.

This is a free training session for all umpires that take the time to attend.  If you are a 1st or 2nd year SEFSA umpire you will earn $2 more per game by attending this training.  Everyone is encouraged to attend!

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Morgan at 605- 310-6049 or Rick Graff 605-360-2591.


SEFSA Umpire Pay Scale

1st Year: $16.00/game - can get a $2.00 raise if you attend the  USA training

2nd Year: $18.00/game - can get a $2.00 raise if you attend the USA training

3rd Year: $20.00/game - can get a $2.00 raise if you attend the  USA training.  Also, if you are in full USA Uniform when you umpire, you will get paid $25 a game.  Please visit

Umpire Costs

  • 17 years and younger: $30.00
  • 18 years and older: $55.00

The cost to be an umpire must be paid  at the registration/test dates.
Checks make payable to SDUSA.


  1. Umpires will be required to be a minimum of 12 years of age.
  2. All Umpires will be required to be USA softball registered.
  3. All umpires will be required to fill out a registration form.
  4. Umpires will be required to have an umpire kit consisting of a brush, counter, and bag. Kits can either be purchased through the league or an outside vendor; kits will be required by the first game.

USA Umpire Questions

If you are looking to be a USA umpire in 2019 and cannot attend the registration dates or have a general question about being a USA umpire, please contact Leroy or Rick.

Leroy: 605-351-2452

Rick Graff:  605-360-2591

Thank you to all of the SEFSA umpires and coaches that worked so hard to make the 2019 season such a success!  We hope to see  all of you next season!