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SEFSA Board Members

About the SEFSA Board

The Sioux Empire Fastpitch Softball Association's board of directors is a group of volunteers who very generously donate their time and talents, year-round, to ensure that there is a fastpitch softball league every summer for our area softball athletes.  

We are currently looking for board members to add to our team!  If you would like to join the SEFSA team, please send an email to informing us of your interest, your fastpitch softball background, and any past volunteer experience.  We will review your email and discuss it at the next board meeting.

If you have suggestions/concerns/ or new ideas that you would like to share with the SEFSA board, they hold monthly meetings that are open to the public.  Please send an email to to inform them of your interest in attending a meeting.


2020 SEFSA Board Meetings

Meetings will be held at 6pm at the SEFSA Building

Monday, January 6th 

Monday, February 3rd

Monday, March 2nd

Monday, April 6th

Monday, May 4th

Monday, June 1st

Monday, July 6th

Monday, August  3rd

Monday, September 14th

Monday, October 5th

Monday, November 2nd

Monday, December 7th